Best Practice

Please see below a list of out most asked questions.  

The list is not comprehensive, and if you have a question that isn’t below, just drop us a call or use the contact page and get in touch – we’ll be able to help.

Most of the time it is a cold flue, so the smoke hits cold air and comes back down out of the stove.

No. It should be less than 20% moisture. Hardwoods will burn hotter, cleaner and for longer times. Soft wood will burn a lot quicker. Fresh cut wood needs to be stored for 18-24 months.

Yes, a good half of a fire box full will get the flue warm. Leave the door ajar as this will help with heating the flue as well.

Yes. You are not covered on house insurance if not and your stove will warm better.

Normally that means that your air wash is not open enough. If you do get a stain, normally vinegar and a soft cloth will help, or a damp cloth and dip it into Ash.

On a woodturner no. You always leave a good inch of Ash as this will help with the draw on the stove. On a multi fuel stove, when the ashcan is full it will keep emptying

No. Stoves must be installed by a Hetas approved installer